As a CS major Student, you're best off utilizing Linux. It's the most adaptable stage around and it will encourage all of you about dealing with a framework. School, all things considered, is tied in with learning, and Linux is an incredible method to do this. I would pick a PC in light of this. 

Contingent upon your program, you may likewise need to double boot Windows, so purchasing a PC that accompanies Windows is helpful. You could run Windows in a virtual machine, yet it tends to be fairly badly designed. I used to do that, at the end of the day concluded that double booting was progressively advantageous. As a matter of fact, I haven't needed to utilize Windows for anything with the exception of messing around ;P. 

Fortuitously, in case you're doing only CS at a decent college, you will presumably never need to utilize Windows. At my school, the main classes completely requiring Windows are in EE or perhaps other designing orders: all the genuine CS classes are simpler on Linux. 

Tragically, to a great extent for outside reasons, a few PCs have more vulnerable Linux support. The best trade off between in general quality and Linux support is presumably the ThinkPad line. I am by and by extremely inclined toward the X1 carbon, however except if you like the additional light structure factor it's presumably not the best worth. 

The ThinkPad line has a couple of specific focal points contrasted with the other options. The workstations are durable and endure misuse superior to the greater part of the other options. Experience has given me this is significant! I like their consoles undeniably more than some other also estimated workstations, significant for coding in a hurry. At long last, their controlled and moderate stylish truly coordinates what I need from a working PC. Style are significant. 

Others rave about the track point (the little red pointer thingy), however I for one have little sentiment on this. I haven't changed in accordance with it myself. When you become accustomed to Linux, you can get by without utilizing the mouse much by any means. Because of splendid apparatuses like XMonad, Emacs or even just Firefox, you become significantly more profitable by utilizing the console. Nowadays, I just utilize the mouse for easygoing web perusing. 

To the extent size goes, I would suggest one something somewhere in the range of 13" and 15". The 14" screen of the Carbon X1 is a solid trade off. A PC that is too enormous and massive is exceptionally badly arranged—I know since I began with a 17" one. Not going to commit that error once more. Then again, 13" is a piece on the little side—sensible, yet anything littler would be irritating. 

For accomplishing work at home (or in your quarters), I enthusiastically suggest getting an outside screen and a genuine console, which are useful for broadened programming meetings.